Gehl Architects featured in new Vienna landscape architecture guide

Blue side, Aspern Seestadt

Gehl Architects project for Aspern Seestadt in Vienna has been chosen as the sole future project to feature in a new guide to existing landscape architecture in Vienna. The project is a result of a 1st Prize in an open competition in 2009 to refine and develop a politically adopted masterplan for the old airport of Vienna in Aspern. Gehl Architects delivered the next evolution of the vision through refined strategies for an attractive public realm. The  result is a planning tool that informs directly the further design of public infrastructure and private real estate development. The Handbook for Public Spaces recognizes key lines of leisure and transport infrastructure in the masterplan by Johannes Tovatt.

It refines these lines of the plan by crystallizing a series of unique and unifying ‘evolutionary axes of urban development’. Through this strategic intervention it is made possible to focus public and private capital investment over the coming generations to strengthen those urban structures of the new district where public life is expected to satisfy defined minimum standards of urban intensity and perceived urban quality.

Architects Oliver Schulze and Lærke Jul Larsen have been the main Gehl Architects people on this project.

Check out the new guide to landscape architecture in Vienna here.

Check out some illustrations of Gehl Architects project here.

Read more about Aspern Seestadt on their homepage.

Gehl Architects report ‘Partitur des öffentlichen Raums‘ is available on the Aspern Seestadt homepage.

  1. Congratulations on your award and for sharing your work with us on your blog site. Hope there will be an English translation of the guide available.

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