Jan Gehls newest book, Cities for People – review and a talk

Urban life is in many ways a matter of rhythms, and the rhythms of human movement and perception have found a gifted interpreter in Gehl. Every city that has implemented his ideas has revived some of its livelier qualities, or discovered them anew.

(Bill Millard, ArchNewsNow.com in a review of professor Jan Gehls newest book, Cities for People, island Press, 2010)

Read Bill Millards full review here.

Professor Jan Gehl’s talk on Cities for People at the Cooper Hewitt – National Design Museum, in New York City:

  1. Vladimir said:

    Great talk! I would like to add Russian subtitles to this video like I did with Kristian Villadsen’s talk earlier (http://vimeo.com/11748401 – BTW it got some nice views figures despite the length!) I tried to contact Copper Hewitt on this but received no reply. Could you help me with this?

  2. Chunli said:

    Hi there, is there other link could I watch the video, I am really very interesting but I cannot open the link in the post:( Thanks!

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