Jan Gehl speaking in London

Professor Jan Gehl at The Economists conference 'Creating tomorrows liveable cities' in London earlier this week.

Earlier this week, professor Jan Gehl was giving the closing keynote at The Economists conference in London, Creating tomorrow’s liveable cities. View the full programme and the other speakers at the conference here.

Well-being, community cohesion and a thriving local economy are now high on the agenda for today’s citizens. Intelligent policies and design for urban areas can provide answers, in one way or another, to all of these concerns and more; while stimulating local economies and creating jobs becomes more important than ever against a background of budgetary constraints and slower economic growth. A new government in the UK and a new austerity budget will dictate the climate in which urban planning and regeneration policies are formed but, as local governments begin to take this into account, what will tomorrow’s priorities for urban living be?

Watch Jan Gehls presentation here.

  1. I love the fact that well-being, community cohesion and a thriving local economy are now high on the agenda for today’s citizens – because it should be. Great post, thanks.

  2. Thank you for giving the corrected link but is there any way we can download the video so it can be seen by many more people? As an NGO working in the field of sustainable development – in particular “Sustainable Transportation” we feel this should be seen by many more people, so we would be ready to purchase a copy (though for the Economist it will be like small change :-)
    Your help in this will be highly appreciated. Many thanks.

    • henningthomsen said:

      I am afraid you need to contact the Economist for this. We have no part in the filming or the copyrights for this. If it helps, we would certainly like to vouch for your idea to make the film available to more people.

  3. Professor Jan Gehl in London – the video thorugh the Economist does not work any more….
    Can you please send a link that works and possibly one that can be downloaded and not owned by the Economist.com as it is more interested in itself than in sustainable cities.

    • henningthomsen said:

      Thanks for bringing this change of hyperlink to our attention. We have found the new page, where the video is placed on the Economist website. Please try again, and it should work now.

  4. Congratulations, Proffessor Gelh on a truly inspiring talk at the Liveable Cities conference in London this week. I was there and the ripple of realisation around the room of the potential tied up in doing things right, and indeed how very wrong we have been in the past, was almost palpable. I only wish that our Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, had been able to stick around for your presentation – he really might have learnt something. Do send him a copy of your fantastic new book!

    Come back to London soon!

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