Moscow here we come

Kropotkinskaya metro station, Moscow

We are very excited to have kicked off projects in Moscow this summer with the launch of Cities for People, New City Spaces and Life Between Buildings in Russian, published this spring by PSF Krost Ltd. The occasion was marked with a reception held by the Danish Ambassador attended by Minister of Environment Anton Kulbachevskiy  and Jan Gehl.  We have been appointed by the Mayor of Moscow to complete a Public Space Public Life study of the city centre and during the summer we will be working with local students to gather a wide net of data from across the city, the first of its kind in Moscow. The project is led by Ola Gustafsson, Solvejg Reigstad and Henriette Vamberg and they will be joined by Jan Gehl in mid-September who will be speaking at the University of Moscow in a series of events exact dates of which we will add here as they come through. The study commenced in May and will be concluded in December 2012. We look forward to a concentrated and meaningful engagement with the city and its citizens over the coming months and will be updating on news and thoughts on the city here soon. Moscow here we come!


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