The Human Scale

This is a celebratory year for Gehl Architects!

On June 29th we launched our ‘Life Between Buildings’ exhibit as part of Louisiana’s ‘New Nordic Architecture’ exhibition. On August 27th we will launch ‘Life Between Buildings’ at the Venice Biennale.

A documentary film, ‘The Human Scale’, inspired by the work of Gehl Architects will premiere as part of ‘Life Between Buildings’ at the Biennale.

Join us for screenings of ‘The Human Scale’ on August 27th at 13.00 and August 28th
at 14.00 in Venice.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

Download invite

Life Between Buildings’ at Louisiana from 29.06.12 to 21.10.12
’Life Between Buildings’ at Venice Biennale from 29.08.12 to 25.11.12

  1. Is this documentary available for online purchase/stream/rent? I want to use it for a social innovation group in Mexico. Many thanks!

    • gehl architects said:

      The Human Scale is not yet available for purchase. It will be soon, however. Please keep checking – to see the status…

  2. I had the opportunity to be in Venice and see this exhibition a little over a week ago. I absolutely LOVED The Life Between Buildings 360 experience. Is there any possibility that you will release the short films online or along with The Human Scale doc? I only had the opportunity to see 2.5 of them due to time constraints. Both the thinking behind and the execution of the videos was thought provoking for all types of designers. I wished I had time to see The Human Scale documentary in the other room, so I am really excited to hear that it will be available in 2013! If all of this material becomes available, I will definitely be sharing it with all my fellow designers.

  3. Will this documentary be available to the general public? Especially the ones not so lucky to be in Venice? I would be very interested in showing this to students at the University of Michigan, I think we could learn a thing or two about human scale.

    • jeffrisom said:

      Thank you for your interest. The documentary will be available to the general public in the spring of 2013. Right now the documentary is being screened for showing at various film festivals in Europe and North America. So after they are shown there, the film will be more widely available. But we will keep you informed on the blog.

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