Les Flâneurs

‘Picture of the week’ took a small break. But when this wonderful image appeared in my inbox I figured it was time for a bit of flâneuring once again. Jacob Campbell moved from London to Copenhagen only 10 days ago and took this wonderful photo in Kongens Have.

We’re always on the look for new inspiring photos of human behavior. Read more here.

Since my bicycle is still being shipped here from London I have been able to explore the city by foot, and even though cycling engages you more than, for example, a car, I found that being without a bicycle in this bicycle-friendly city still gives you the opportunity to stop and see things you otherwise might miss; a flâneur often sees the less obvious things. So, while passing through Kongens Have I cut through a small gap in a hedge and spotted these children playing in their own little corridor of space. Architects talk about space between buildings, but here we see another scale and type of ‘un-designed’ space altogether, which is quite interesting! The hedge can be seen as a natural type of wall, which separates one space from another, but you could say that there is a transitional space on the threshold from one space to another which can be easily missed or forgotten . It could be compared to the blinking of an eye between two frames of a life. What do we miss? – The child in the photo is exploring for himself all these forgotten places!

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  1. I too have always loved left over spaces – those triangular pieces of land that never get built on, or places hidden from view . Is it the secret garden that we long for ? Glimpses that entice, views that are hinted at but only slowly revealed. A beautiful photo – thank you.

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