Congestion commission for Copenhagen

Danish transport minister Henrik Dam Kristensen, Danish congestion commission for Copenhagen, Flemming Borreskov CEO of REALDANIA, Futurist Uffe Palludan and Kristian Skovbakke Villadsen Associate Gehl Architects

On Monday the 1st of October the Danish transport minister Henrik Dam Kristensen opened the first conference of the Danish congestion commission for Copenhagen. Associate at Gehl Architects, Kristian Skovbakke Villadsen, was invited to give an inspirational talk and to be part of a panel discussion together with Flemming Borreskov, CEO of REALDANIA, and futurist Uffe Palludan. The message from Kristian was simple “Mobility is about people” – the strength and efficiency of our macro network  is defined by the quality of our micro network.  Linking all modes of transport to a fine grained micro network for pedestrians and bicycles, supported by high quality public spaces and mix used environments, is the key to invite people to have a choice of mobility and deal with congestion.

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