Meer fiets, meer ruimte (more bicycles, more space)

A touch of the Dutch? Like selling snow to the Eskimos?

Gehl Architects creative director David Sim gave the keynote at the Fietsersbond (the Dutch Cycling Association) symposium “more bicycles, more space” in Utrecht last week.

“I wasn’t sure what I could possibly tell the Dutch about cycling – the Netherlands and Denmark compete as the most active cycling nations in the World. But the day was about sharing experiences and in particular thinking of cycling in an urban planning context.”

In the morning plenary David gave a classic Gehl Architects lecture about the Human Dimension in planning, the Copenhagen Story and the task of implementing better conditions for walking and biking in other places – including Gehl Architects work in Mexico City and New York.

In the afternoon there was a workshop session where David presented the Gehl Quality Criteria for Public Space and which included a bike tour through some very different cycling environments in Utrecht.

“The most important thing to remember is that above everything  – systems, design or policy – it is about people. And making good places for people is the most important task in planning”

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