We are excited to announce that The Human Scale has been selected for CPH:DOX!

The Human Scale explores what happens if we place people at the center when we plan our cities. Inspired by Jan Gehl and the work of Gehl Architects,  the film explores varying ways that cities can be designed to focus on the needs of human beings. The film depicts the impact that the humanistic approach to urban planning has had, and continues to have, in some of the world’s largest cities. From Times Square in NY, to earthquake devastated Christchurch and the Bangladeshi government’s focus on sustainable solutions in Dhaka, we see the need for a radical rethink of the human condition in modern cities.

The Human Scale is a documentary conceptualized and directed by Andreas M. Dalsgaard and produced by Signe Byrge Sørensen from Final Cut for Real. The film’s narrative was created by the director who had full creative freedom to tell a personal, cinematic story about the work of Jan Gehl and Gehl Architects and the theme of the human dimension in urban design and city planning. Throughout the film making process, Jan Gehl and Gehl Architects contributed to the film with interviews, contacts and insights into their projects. The Human Scale was made possible with the support of Realdania.

Screening schedule

Copenhagen / Grand Theatre:
November 1 – 17.00
November 4 - 16.00 with debate session
November 8 – 10.00 for Jury/press/Industry
November 11-12.00

Malmø / Kunsthal:
November 7 – 14.30
November 10 – 12.00

Tickets are available at
For more information see &

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