Co-founders Jan Gehl and Helle Søholt

The company, Gehl Architects – Urban Quality Consultants, was established in 2000. The work of Gehl Architects builds on Professor Jan Gehl’s 40 years of extensive research on life in public spaces. Along with new research this continues to build the foundation for our work in small and large cities in all corners of the world.

The human dimension

Gehl Architects – Urban Quality Consultants offer expertise in the fields of architecture, urban design and city planning. Our work is based on the human dimension – the built environment’s effect on activity patterns and interaction between people. We consider the attractive and lively public realm to be one of the most important keys to quality in cities.

Although physical aspects of humans such as our senses and the way we walk and sit are timeless, we continually work to develop our knowledge regarding how the physical environment influences social interaction. An integral part of our work is to keep track of current research and knowledge, and to continue to carry out own research projects and analysis.

Empirical analysis

We develop solutions based on detailed analysis of the existing social and built context in the form of public life and public space surveys. Thus our design and planning solutions are based on a comprehensive understanding of people’s use of public space and the way people experience urban quality.

Gehl Architects work both to improve existing cities and city areas, as well as to consult on the planning and design of new city areas, urban residential developments and new towns

  1. thomas riggs said:

    Hello Jan and Helle,
    I wan to tell you both what a fantastic time I had in København a few months ago and it was everything I had previously envisioned. As a cyclist it was great to see how many people used bicycles. I work in Manhattan (NYC,USA) and walk past the bike lane you designed everyday but did not know you designed it – it’s glad to see your influence here.
    All the best to you both, I hope the trend continues for more bike lanes and public space in NYC and they stop building skyscrapers as we don’t need any more congestion.
    Denmark was really great and EVERYONE was friendly!

    • henningthomsen said:

      Hi Thomas
      Thanks for your nice comments, that i have swiftly passed on to jan and Helle. Much appreciated.

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